"This lot can save many lives during the winter"

This is wrong on so many levels.

I mean, it’s good that (some) of the tents might be re-used but, honestly, WTF were people thinking just abandoning their stuff; it would be better to make sure organisers police this sort of thing.

Looks like Kabul airport.

They can’t possibly have been left behind by today’s enlightened, caring and respectful of the environment ‘younger generation’ so it must be us oldies who have done that. :grinning:

Seriously though, this encapsulates just how wasteful we’ve become as a society.


That’s nothing compared to what’s abandoned at Glastonbury

My point exactly

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I hope they wash them thoroughly. And then wash them all again.

Having worked with someone who was a hardcore festival goer, taking and wearing the cheapest gear you could buy and binning it all afterwards was a standard practice due to many other festival attendees treating the entire site as an open air toilet as they were off their tits for 2-3 days straight.

‘Stuff’ is obviously too cheap. When you’re incapable after 2-3 days of excess, what’s the point of taking the cheap rubbish home, when you’re going to throw it away anyway and get new stuff next time. A dump is the only way to describe a country that has developed a phenomenon like this. I don’t recognise it any more.


Clearly for some items as it encourages (as you say) a throw away society.

Checking I found a “two man” tent on sale for just £17 - OK, you’d have to know your partner *very* well - I think describing it as two man is pushing things a bit but you can see why people come to the conclusion that it is not worth taking home. It is still needless waste.

But some of those tents are clearly bigger - have we really got to the point where people will throw away £40 or £50 worth of kit through sheer laziness? (that was a rhetorical question BTW).

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Several generations enjoying near instant gratification through next day delivery of cheap tat purchased on credit cards could also be a factor.

I certainly take far better care of quality items I’ve had to graft/save up for than I do cheap stuff I’ve picked up on a whim.

To be fair, I don’t misuse or fail to look after the cheaper tools I own, I’m just not super anal about them as I am my ride on mower or my growing Stihl collection.


This also happens in the countryside where people ‘wild’ camp on farmers’ land without permission and use it as a toilet.
Countryside Code, what’s that?

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That’s what UK day trippers did on the East coast last year when all the car parks and toilets were shut due to Covid.

The reasons for abandonment become clearer:


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