This may be a stupid question

Afternoon all

We used to pay our TV license as part of the tax d’habitation bill

As we are now here on a permanent basis, we no longer receive a T’dH bill

As a result I have realised that we have not paid our TV license for several years.

We have not received any demands for payment.

Have I missed something ?


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No, you haven’t missed anything. We had exactly the same a few years ago, tax office told me we were too old…Its been phased out now anyway


Thanks Mark

We received a document this week… which explains that the TV license is no longer charged…
and the document goes on to explain that Tax d’Hab is no longer applicable…
thus we will not be receiving a document for Zero Tax dHab and Zero TV… but if we do want such a document… we can go online and find this year’s Zero document in “our space”… (impots gouv) :rofl: :rofl:

In recent years… one had to tick the box on the Income Declaration… confirming that one does NOT have a TV…
and prior to that one had to tick the box on the Income Declaration … to say YES I DO have a TV…

talk about confusing…


In May I forgot to tick the ‘we don’t have a TV’ box on the rushed second paper declaration for Mme - when we went to the fiscal last month and (re)raised the error, they said it doesn’t matter it’s no longer applied. Still waiting for the Avis mind you!

Just to clarify that the Taxe D’Habitation has not been totally abolished.

It is still there for 2nd homes and for those with a high(er) tax code.


Thankfully, as I said… I have my document… which lets me off the hook… :+1: :+1:

Anyone liable to pay… should have received their document… :wink: :wink:

Be pleased we don’t have to pay anymore.

for those who live in france the numbers are for revenue

Nombre de part de quotient familial Exonération totale Exonération partielle dégressive (supérieure à 65%)
1 28 150 € 29 192 €
1,5 36 490 € 38 053 €
2 44 830 € 46 914 €
2,5 51 085 € 53 169 €
3 57 340 € 59 424 €
3,5 63 595 € 65 679 €

Being on a fairly low income… we pay no taxes… hurrah.
and I’m pleased not to be paying TH and now not the TV either…
however, the savings made are outweighed by the hefty charges for our new Dustbin arrangements… so not actually any better off financially…

Even so, we’re happy to be here… we live well and appreciate French life in all its many forms.

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