This Recipe is not in any of my cookbooks

Interesting to note what plants are involved… anyone want to try it ?? :thinking::grin:

I wouldn’t think of mummification or enbalming for myself, far from it, but the ancient Egyptians certainly left a hugely rich gift of historical knowledge to later generations, so I feel a debt of gratitude. We have two relics at home: a bust of Nefertiti that still fires the imagination, and a replica of the British Museums cat-god Bastet who watches over our garden in Essex.

Not certain now ,twas a long time ago, 60yrs?, but I think I saw an/the? original Nefertiti bust in the Berlin Museum, in ‘about’ 1955 :thinking:
And a mummified, dessicated body, that made a lasting impression on a wee laddie, ye’ ken :open_mouth:

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Yes, she is/was a strikingly beautiful woman, if we can accept that the bust is an accurate likeness. Her neck is exceptionally long and graceful, and her face is serene and intelligent. I don’t however know much about her temperament or her regal history. I shall consult Google :thinking:, but any dynasty that worshipped a cat-god has got something going for it. Do you think they sacrificed human beings to Bastet? Being named Felix would be a bit of a worry, don’t you think? :confused:

:smiley: Felix :+1:
Ladies with long elegant necks Pete, there are others in Africa, whose necks were artificialy elongated with ‘brass’ hoops.
Senegalese Ladies have always struck me, with their elegance, wanted to go there with the boat, even got the jabs for yellow fever, ready to sail from the Canaries, didn’t they start a war with somebody, the day before, bugger!!! never got there :cry: