Thomas Cook

It’s looking grim for household name Thomas Cook with 140000 holiday makers looking to be repatriated if it folds. That’s more than Monarch a few years back. Apparently £200 million is needed immediately to save it with about £900 million required to save it.
It’s one of those companies along with Woolies, M & S etc that we all probably have used sometime in our lives. I used to use it a lot in the 70s when using the car ferries as many ships had a TC bureau.
Any memories of the company out there ?

I used Thomas Cook travellers’ cheques way back when.

Oh my word those things were horrendous. Thankfully the world has moved on and you can just use an ATM!

They were indeed a pain and I was surprised to see they are still used ! I could never figure out the best place to change them ? A bureau de change or banque ? Euros are brilliant and so practical within the EU. We went to Crete last year and life was so easy.

Thomas Cook has asked for a bailout from the Government today, because the Banks want a bigger fund to see TC through the winter. One of TC’s biggest lenders is ironically the Royal Bank of Scotland :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿! Who you will recall we the tax payer had to bail out the irony is not lost on me! But I think it’s looking likely TC will go to the wall. The simple fact is fewer people are booking package holidays now days. The internet is making it much easier to arrange the package yourself through direct booking. TC hasn’t changed with the times and now sadly I think will pay the price for that. They may be the first of many to fold especially if the UK leaves with no deal, the whole visa application process will put many off traveling I suspect going forward!

And no doubt the value of the pound against various currencies must have been a contributing factor. Foreign holidays for the majority will be more expensive and less appealling. Will that income be redirected to the UK? Who knows.

Compared to the £600 million to being back all the stranded holiday makers.
Why a Bank partly owned by the Government is putting this demand when in a few days they will know if the Chinese takeover is going ahead is beyond me.

Looks like no rescue deal has been agreed and announcement that Thomas Cook will enter administration is imminent.

It’s only a matter of time before Sky News flashes that Price Waterhouse Cooper is poised to take charge of insolvency proceedings for the entire British economy and arrangements are to be put in place to rescue the population and remove them to Kota Kinabalu for recycling.

Bring it on, I say.

Thomas Cook is an international company, job losses outside of the UK will be around 13000 including many here in France, not sure they’ll agree with you sentiments Peter.


I’m sure you will smile wryly, tucked up in Normandy, as the UK collapses.

What was that? Did someone say something about pensions??

I think you might need to reconsider your enthusiasm for armageddon.

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Oh, and healthcare…

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True, of course @anon88169868 (and @JaneJones and @tim17 too).

My “Bring it on!” tailpiece was a piece of desperate ‘irony’ that misfired. Sorry for that, folks. :disappointed_relieved:

Noticed you making a few sweeping statements lately Peter for which you are then having to apologise. I’ve been considering taking a few steps back recently and thinking twice or three times before l post. Perhaps if you did the same you wouldn’t have to apologise so much.

You don’t do desperate irony very well as it often gets misconstrued for your true feelings - This of course is only my view - Perhaps stick to the elegant and flowery prose that we all love you for - It may result in less brickbats and more applause​:blush::blush::blush:

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Spoken like a true statesman and seasoned diplomat, @Dan_Wood.

I shall duly retract my horns. I’ve resumed the US ‘SEALS’ breath-box technique for relieving inner tension in tight spots which you probably know and use yourself, to judge by your customarily mellow tones.

Thanks again, you’re a pal. :hugs::+1: