Thompson and Morgan seeds

(John Alcock) #1

Has anyone else in this group had problems with Thompson and Morgan dragging their feet over delivery all i get when i contact them is i have come to the wrong department for seeds but they cant transfer me so start again press button ?


(John Alcock) #2

Hi Clare just been on the phone to T&M seems my order was sent out on the 14 March which is quite efficient as I didn’t order them until April the staff there must have crystal balls, if they are that good can they give me next weeks lottery numbers, they haven’t processed my order have they but they have managed to remove the money from my account there wasn’t a problem doing that, one more British company i shall avoid in the future.

(Clare Norman) #3

I had problems with them 2 years ago when I ordered sweet potato slips. They debited my credit card when I ordered in March and were still unable to give me a delivery date at the end of May. I eventually cancelled the order but it was a nightmare trying to get through to the right department.