Thoughts on exchanging CdS

Morning All

I have been having a few thoughts concerning the upcoming exchange of our CdS.

Just a bit of background first. We have had our house in Normandy since 2004, and have been resident on a permanent basis for the last four and a half years. Our income consists of UK rental and my wife’s small UK Teachers pension. We then top up from savings as and when needed. Our situation could be classed as asset rich but income poor. We currently hold a 5 year CdS, Carte Vital,and four years worth of French tax returns. So i feel we have quite a good track record in France.

The timing of the exchange is quite interesting for us.

In January I will qualify for my UK state pension, thus increasing our income quite substantially

In April we will have been resident for 5 years.

My question is, would be best to apply for the exchange asap, or wait until after April when we would qualify under the 5 year qualification ? I believe you have until July to make the exchange.

I would welcome any thoughts you may have.

Thanks in anticipation


With a CdS already… you might as well wait until as late as possible… and get the full whammy… CdS Resident Permanent…

not sure when the “late as possible” will be though…

there will be more details nearer October and again nearer the end December 2020, I would have thought…


Wait. Hold out until eligible for the permanent card. And after April and 5 years residence the income requirement is waived anyway.

Remember to apply for your pension a couple of weeks before the “Date”. They don’t give it to you automatically anymore, you have to ask!
Same with S1.


Morning Both

Thanks for the confirmation, I thought waiting was the best option, but always to to have confirmation.

Thanks Jane, have already got a reminder on the calendar for making the application for the pension.

Apologies for being a bit late with the thanks but I have a a friend, who was staying for a few days, rushed to hospital. All OK now but a bit of a scare at the time.

Thanks again



So nice when people pop back to say thank you!

Glad scare over