Thread catcher...good idea and possible Christmas present idea!

Click here for pattern and instructions Should prevent all those threads and scraps ending up all over the floor when you’re sewing. There’s a link in the middle of the article with all the instructions and pattern.

Not mine, I’m afraid. My contribution was some of the flowers/leaves & swedes, the bee skep & bees (crocheted with single embroidery thread on the smallest hook I could find)! Oh, and somewere there’s a diddy rabbit… Very tough on the eyes… C

Amazing…love the mice monks! K

Another idea I’d like to share; take a couple of lengths of scrap material, sew together, fill with some wadding & then tie round the top ‘arm’ of your machine, avoiding any of those useful buttons/knobs, etc. A very useful, non-moving around your work surface pin/needle ‘cushion’. My Mum did this, and I will continue to do so, as I always know when I get my machine out, I don’t have to go hunting… No pic, as machine in UK, sorry…

Hi Wendy. What a good idea! Gives me inspiration for when I return shortly to the UK. I am a member of our local WI, and the monthly competition for November is to make something new from something old, and I have some inherited old tray cloths that I always wondered what to do with............

I might slightly expand on the idea, and make it long enough to go over the arm of a chair, as I also cross-stitch, and again, where do you put those little bits of thread that you snip off?.......apart from in a little pile that always seems to end up on the floor, lol!

As a footnote, I get involved in our local stitch club as well, and I contributed to a display this summer of a floral/veg garden, and used all my odds & ends of threads to fill the mini veg! I had already left to come over when it was set up, but one of our members took the following photo, and forwarded it to me, so I at least got to see the end result of all our efforts!![](upload://vwyfKYexljIuuIBdMDZ3Ja5aPYs.jpg)

Oooh, how odd, I did type it out!!! What I said was that I really like making anything, jewellery, cushions, peg dolls, sewing…but i don’t get much time these days!

a very cryptic reply Wndy :wink:


what a good idea Wendy! Are you a sewer? I am planning on colonising a bedroom and getting out all my fabric stash one day…

My pleasure!

Thanks for sharing this, it looks great.