Thread catcher...good idea and possible Christmas present idea!

(Wendy Wise) #1

Click here for pattern and instructions Should prevent all those threads and scraps ending up all over the floor when you’re sewing. There’s a link in the middle of the article with all the instructions and pattern.

(Carol Rigley) #2

Not mine, I’m afraid. My contribution was some of the flowers/leaves & swedes, the bee skep & bees (crocheted with single embroidery thread on the smallest hook I could find)! Oh, and somewere there’s a diddy rabbit… Very tough on the eyes… C

(Karen Parr) #3

Amazing…love the mice monks! K

(Carol Rigley) #4

Another idea I’d like to share; take a couple of lengths of scrap material, sew together, fill with some wadding & then tie round the top ‘arm’ of your machine, avoiding any of those useful buttons/knobs, etc. A very useful, non-moving around your work surface pin/needle ‘cushion’. My Mum did this, and I will continue to do so, as I always know when I get my machine out, I don’t have to go hunting… No pic, as machine in UK, sorry…

(Carol Rigley) #5

Hi Wendy. What a good idea! Gives me inspiration for when I return shortly to the UK. I am a member of our local WI, and the monthly competition for November is to make something new from something old, and I have some inherited old tray cloths that I always wondered what to do with............

I might slightly expand on the idea, and make it long enough to go over the arm of a chair, as I also cross-stitch, and again, where do you put those little bits of thread that you snip off?.......apart from in a little pile that always seems to end up on the floor, lol!

As a footnote, I get involved in our local stitch club as well, and I contributed to a display this summer of a floral/veg garden, and used all my odds & ends of threads to fill the mini veg! I had already left to come over when it was set up, but one of our members took the following photo, and forwarded it to me, so I at least got to see the end result of all our efforts!

(Wendy Wise) #6

Oooh, how odd, I did type it out!!! What I said was that I really like making anything, jewellery, cushions, peg dolls, sewing…but i don’t get much time these days!

(Janet Langman) #7

a very cryptic reply Wndy :wink:

(Wendy Wise) #8


(Janet Langman) #9

what a good idea Wendy! Are you a sewer? I am planning on colonising a bedroom and getting out all my fabric stash one day…

(Wendy Wise) #10

My pleasure!

(Karen Parr) #11

Thanks for sharing this, it looks great.