same cost in Europe/USA/Australia no roaming charges either!

Hello all I don't know whether this has been covered but the telecoms supplier '3' in the UK now allows UK PHONE and DONGLE contracts to be used worldwide with no Roaming or additional charges!

I have been using a '3' Dongle here in the Mountain Noir Haut Langqedoc for a month now phone for £8 month (1 gig) and a phone for £15 per month. You can also do Pay As You Go.

For those of us who flit between the two countries ( the deal also covers most of Europe the US and Australia) they are an amazing deal.

Have a look at the website

Customer service is good (and in English) and I have been suprised how good the coverage is here (Lodeve Languedoc)... also if you top up without using there top up packages you don't lose credit after a fixed period.

I know they say that but I stay here for 3-6months at a time and have no problems... I just btop up the payasyou go online and its just like using it in the uk... on trips to the USA it saves me a fortune... I prefer dongles to personal hotspots but that is my preference

has anyone tried a 4g DONGLE also available at THREE... I find with dongles that they are fine for text downloads, surfing emails etc but useless for movie and sound files and forget streaming... anybody got any better experiences? It also depend on how poerful your tablet or laptop is..

We saw this advertised the other day at the eurotunnel - my hubby is switching from Toggle to 3 now. I want to keep dual numbers - a french no and a uk no so I think i'll have to stay with Toggle for now.