Three phase electrics - anyone had it installed?

I may need to upgrade my brewery (already) but this may mean upgrading the electrics too. It's in a barn which supposedly had (has?) 3 phase already installed. How do I tell? If I need it re-connected does anyone have any idea how much that might be?

Thanks for the reply Rob. I'll have to pop round there and have a proper look at it all. If it seems too expensive I'll stick to gas.

How to tell whether you've got 3-phase ?

To begin with it should say so on your meter. (Monophase or Triphase)

Secondly you can tell by the sockets in your barn. Do they have two holes or four or maybe even five? (Four being three phases plus earth/ground, five being Neutral , three phases plus earth/ground)

When we arrived 13 odd years ago I wanted 3-phase also. For the lathe and other stuff that would surely come. At first EDF weren't too happy about (re)connecting the house to 3-phase (it had had it before as could clearly be seen on the installation). When I said that I intended to install a (3-phase) electrical boiler for my central heating all problems were forgotten.

I actually installed forementioned boiler, but for you maybe it is the right argument to get them to come and connect you.

Another thing is of course your installation. Do you think it is "au norme" ? If EDF insists on a new installation and an attestation CONSUEL before connecting you are in for a surprise.

Good Luck, Rob