Three TVs, a phone and a cheeseburger: tell-all book reveals bedtime for Donald

I ordered the book and am much looking forward to it! Trump manages to put together several unappealing traits we have seen in lots of people in our lifetime but in just one persona. I think that may be due to crushing insecurity. Currently reading and enjoying Ma’am Darling by Craig Brown. Not a biography but a series of histoires. Also still late night dipping Peter Ackroyd’s bigraphy of Chaplin. All three fascinating subjects certainly achieved unpleasantness, sometimes on an epic scale. I only met one of them. Bloavez Mad!

Ok, so who was the poor devil who sat and counted how many burgers Donnie Dumb ate each night ? :hamburger::fries::nauseated_face:

These ‘tell all’ books are a mix of fantasy peppered with facts but nevertheless make entertaining reading, no I won’t buy it, but if someone gives me it I will have a read :wink: