Thrown out of a new car passing by!

Gorgeous ![](upload://bSDqsNPFdLEJ6k1hfHWNHL4nepC.jpg)cats, comfortable, in good health?? Yes, but abandonned at the top of our drive this lunchtime - thank you, you very courageous people who chose to throw these cats out of your brand new car - a white Megane type. No doubt the cats failed to fit in with their new colour scheme!

I could give you some to pot up......?????

Looks like you've got your hands full there!

I've given up on pot plants indoors, we planted some catnip outside and one of our black and white girls loves it!! - see thread in CatChat Dear Felix..............

They all do it! Especially on cool days, the compost stays warm longer, but my poor plants!!!even the last of the kittens ate them!!!!![](upload://pCuPWZIKRQ6LzHyMvDFXkg9co9A.JPG)

Planting cats is much more fun than geraniums, Annie!

Charlie certainly looks comfy.

Lucky Charlie cat, that he was found by you, Annie!

I found Charlie cat under the fig tree, with a home in his back 6 inches long and you could see his vertebra, he was bleeding frommthe ears...................the vet said he had litteraly been thrown out at speed. Needless to say he is the most delicious of cats these days!!!But i do see why my geraniums don't grow.....................!![](upload://kmveqVjIV3tx3JFrhrDDtoXo5qr.JPG)

Wish I could keep them all Elaine but I have 8 of my own, including 2 mentally handicapped and one still traumatised from having his brother and 2 friends killed by a dog.

These 2 will be placed for adoption in the Rescue Centre when they are ready, I'll let everyone know!

I thought at first it was mum and son, but seems to be 2 boys, we caught the second from being run over by leaving his sibling to 'call' for him!!

Karma: what goes around, comes around! These heartless people will get their punishment the one way or the other, I am sure!!!
And for those gorgeous boys: I hope they’ll find a good home soon where they get all the love and care they deserve.

My daughter took one look and went 'Bastards!' However your two visitors look pretty zen about their new lodgings, there's nothing like nothing when you've got your paws in a good basket.