Thumbtack-like websites in France or that can be accessed from France


I was wondering if any of you know any services like Thumbtack (in the US) (link: that you could use to hire a professional in real time?

The specialty of Thumbtack is that if you want a professional say to mow your garden, you can create a project and see who’re online, contact them in real time, and you’ll get quote in real time. Now I do know of AlloVoisins, but it doesn’t quite feel like real-time. I’m also aware of Star of Service, but they cost exorbitant price to join (94€/month!), and I’ve the impression that it’s not real-time like the way Thumbtack is. Plus it’s so expensive to join!

So I’m looking for something that offers as similar platform as possible to Thumbtack. I must confess that I’m planning to join that site as an online tutor myself. Thank you!