Thursday Knitting group in Hautefort

For anyone interested, the new herboriste shop in Hautefort, Dordogne has a sort of knit and chat (in French) group on Thursday afternoons. They also have Lapsong Souchang! Nice bunch.

I love knitting but find myself in knitting wilderness!! I am part of a lovely supportive Facebook group which is called Crafting in France Together and there are a lot of very supportive members whose posts and pictures I do enjoy reading although I dont feel like putting on my poor efforts!

I am not averse to picking up my needles from time to time. I am just starting a pattern that I found on another site I go on Facebook called Crafting In France Together. Perhaps you could start a knitting group in your area Annie?

Oh that sounds good, just too fa away!!!! Maybe I can find obne nearer............???