Tic treatment

Hi does anyone know of any good Tic treatment, my poor Henry, I am removing Tics off hime almost every day.

Well they have several branches here in 24 - a big sort of agri machinery and farme supply shop

ok thanks for that I will look into buying some, I have never heard of Thomas, what sort of shop is it, or do you buy it online?

It is called chinosept and I buy it from Thomas. But I think anything that totally coats the tic’s skin is good as they breathe through the shin so I guess vaseline would do but the antiseptic part of the spray is good when the tic’s fall off to stop flies sitting where it was

I esp hate the really little ones they get on their poor noses!

That is interesting, what is the name of the white disinfectant & where do you buy it. I have a tic remover that I bought from the vets, which I also use if any of the dogs or cats get them, but sometimes it is awkward to use on Henry, as you have to slide it onto the tic & then turn it anticlockwise until the tic comes away, so your solution sounds much easier.

How do you remove them? I just spray them with white disinfectant (fine powder from aerosol) and they fall off after a couple of hours