Tightening of restrictions

As of yesterday we have now effectively been forbidden to take our 1km exercise as all forests are out of bounds - and we are entirely surrounded by one! Also footpaths, beaches, cycleways, everything!

Any other region being as restrictive?

We are close to some nice beaches but they are all closed. Have managed to plot a 3 1/2 K walk within our allotted 1k radius. Gets a bit tedious though…

I think this is to discourage the idiots from the towns from coming out to the countryside in this nice weather.
As usual, no common sense for those living there.

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Yes I can see why they are doing it, but I would have thought an overarching decree and then letting communes decide what needs to be closed would be more sensible. Some places are honeypots and others aren’t.

Anyway if a car with a 75 number plate came into the village I think they might find a few tractors in their way.

We have several second homes for people from Lyon so we shall see.

But now that number plates don’t need to be changed between depts, (when buying a second hand car) how would you really know it is not a local?


You don’t but that doesn’t stop people presuming. Round here if someone bought a car with an old 75 plate they would immediately swap plates to 2a, which I find hysterical.


Parisian drivers have a terrible reputation in our narrow lanes.

The same for the English around here forgetting what side to drive on not giving way

Just been to supermarket this morning about 90% of people are wearing masks - many more than last week.

There are no masks to be had around here.
We use U Drive, where we pre-order and the goods are put directly into our car.
No contact at all.

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All humans must self-isolate,

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I certainly had to hunt high and low to find my old mask, slightly different from what others were wearing at Leclerc but I think they understood I was doing my best:

I can confirm I felt a Tightening of Restrictions in all of the wrong places!


Your personal attestation leaks like er…
a sieve. The porosity of your pubic pantie-perforations permits problematic and potentially pathological perineal perspiration.

Fishnet is forbidden and not just FFS.

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Peter - you seem to have missed the obvious alliteration using P that a stuck zip caused!

(enough, enough, enough !)

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Painful priapic protrusion? Prepucial pinch?

Working on more…!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Mental health work-out pour moi.:upside_down_face:

Hi Jane
We are in a similar situation, although not so embedded in forest. I noted the Jura Prefecture announcement too. I think it’s because a) there are all these marked walking trails in the Jura, and b) its the spring break and sunny and there is a high risk of tourists flouting the rules. We are still walking daily on the roads and farm tracks around our village in the Jura. I suspect if you were challenged, you could show that you are within 1km of your home, and be ok.


Well they would have to find us first…the advantage of living in the middle of a forest is it makes it hard for drones. I’ve seen they the gendarmes have been using drones in places like Ornans, but that’s much more open. On Sunday we walked along roads as we thought there might be more gendarmes out and about, and we ended up meeting so many more people than we do normally. So now we’re sticking to our forest paths - saw a pine marten this morning too!

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Hi Jane
We are also fairly remote, near Nozeroy. We saw a roadblock in the village withn the first couple of days, for an hour or so, but the gendarmes are no more visible now than before the crisis, just whizzing through in cars or on motorbikes very occasionally. Our neighbours have small plots of garden or orchard across roads from their dwellings, and cross regularly I suspect without attestations. 1 metre social distancing appears mainly to mean not in actual physical contact here!
I am not going far enough afield to see if the wild boar or deer are bolder, but birds of all sorts seem if anything more prolific. Best wishes

They are stopping cars with out of dept. numbers