Tile supplier (like tip top tiles)

Is there a tile supplier in France .. I'm looking for black quartz (that look like glitter / sparkly) that you can get easily in UK but can't seem to find here ??

It's for a kid's bathroom so don't want to spend a fortune!

Thanks in advance!

Like these


Antonia, have you thought of visiting an indepenent kitchen or bathroom showroom, not just the sheds? They may have tile boards in their showrooms or point you in the right direction!

Alternatively if you have found a manufacturer, contact them direct, tell them where you live, and ask who is their nearest to you, distributor or stockist for smaller quantities. A wholesale distributor should be able to tell you where they supply. We could always order specific metric quantities in UK from our suppliers for our customers kitchens or bathrooms. I can’t guarantee it will be similiar here, but no reason why not.

We bought the tiles here for renovating our house from Castorama, they came in boxes of so many a box, and the number of boxes will be determined by the metric size of wall/floor you are looking to tile, allowing for spares and or breakage, you should be able to buy sufficient no of boxes.

The cheapest places are like Leroy Merlin and Castorama but as I usually wanted in stock tiles and any variation on the norm was difficult to come buy and often difficult to source - and a lot of time looking at tiled boards which do not help much. A lot of tiles come from Spain and therefore a large order is usually needed by the shop or supplier before delivery. If you live in the south/south east there is a place in Carcassonne that sells tiles at a similar price to those in Spain as they have a factory there.

Thanks everyone .. I obviously has spent a lot of time on google before posting here!

Just can't find a cheap and cheerful national tile supplier like one has in the UK and can only find top end quartz tiles so will have to rethink..

Thanks anyway...

Or what I did. Google carrelage quartz

Try googling (Images) "carrelage noir avec paillette", that maybe what you are looking for.

These are floor tiles?