Time Lapse stone wall Opening

Knocking through a stone wall in preparation for installation of a sliding door

Dog looked tired...lots of coffee breaks...hint...diamond chain saws are wonderful.

45 km, from my house in La Sauve to the one in Bazas. My neighbors are all widows with Alzheimers or deaf and forgettful (2 I've known for 20-30 yrs, but they still don't remember and with the accent it's worse) and one is the ex-sister in law of my defunct husband...she only cares when she is curious.

The "expert" passed this morning bef 9am...he said the devis was correct, but it is up to the insurance co. AXA to say if they will pay anything...because the house was empty...something stopped the gas heater. He says they can say that I didn't purge all of the sanitary plumbing with a special valve (that not many people have installed next to the main...and this should be done everytime you leave your house for 48 hours) Sounds like horse pucky to me! Another week or 2 to wait.

Sounds like hell Lauren! Sorry we're not closer to you. 45km?!

@ Lauren Berreth Vasseur

what an utter nightmare! I'll never complain again.

Wow, I have never seen French artisans work this fast! You guys are good...do you get up to Bazas, I've been working on a house for 2 yrs. Finally got heating system finished to be repared in Jan. February the tempature and snow at -15, froze the system somehow and killed the chaudiere and split 4 out of 8 cast iron radiators, I left the thermostat at 18 C. And exploded my new shower faucet with thermostat....I now am waiting for the insurance to OK a 12, 000€ devis. Of course no water...I haul water 45 Km to flush the toilet...

Very Wellian