Time Lapse Velux

James installing a Velux roof window

Hi Paul, it was one of these two, not sure which one sorry!

James, what time lapse app did you use please ? There seem to be quite a few in the iphone app store so would like a recommendation - paid /free etc .

Thanks !

Hello Mark,

I have been refurbishing old buildings and building large buildings for 26 years so I didn't write my comment lightly.

Well I go by building regs. Trusses are load dependant. 1. For weight of tiles. 2. Even more importantly for vacuum from wind passing over the ridge producing a standing wave form. If you don't double up and trim out with proper truss ties it is like an elepahant with two legs. Not designed to take the load!

Here are independant simple ans.It is good practice. Anything else would be kicked out in the UK for total failure to comply with safe Building Regs.



A badly installed velux can be extremely costly in the long term. Either from leakage or roof movement or both. When you come to resale a surveyor may well pick up on it and down value the house. Saving a couple of hundred bucks in the short term could cost you tens of thousands in the long term.


That’s a bit extreme Terry, you really don’t need to go to those lengths for a velux.

If you are doing this at home it is absolutely essential to strongly support any roof trusses before they are cut otherwise the whole roof could colapse. When trimming across trusses it is necessary to first add an extra truss either side to do the work of the cut trusses. Then proper truss ties should be used for the cross members. Nails or screws just don't do it. Always consult a local structural engineer before doing this sort of work. Ca 250 euros and could save you thousands from a collapsed roof. Plus a failed insurance claim.

Great help for me ,as trying to cure a leaky Velux

you made that look so easy!

Coming soon!

What are the digger jobs? Pics. Please.

Hi Doron, I didn't need to get on the roof, it was all done from inside. I used my iPhone gaffer taped to a tripod and a time lapse app. I've done some more, I'll post them soon, just finished a mammoth three day mini digger job, jobs actually. Exhausted!

James. Great video. How was it done? Was it the Nikon set to fire at intervals? Lighting levels are constant right through. Wow. It is a monster Velux - what size? (I am thinking of putting a bigger one in the workshop than there currently is). I hate heights. I see that all(?) the shots are with you working from the inside. That I could manage. Did you need to get up on the outside of the roof at all? I am jealous.

That's excellent!

Perhaps we could see a 5 second tea break next time!! Nice job - you made it look too easy!

Plenty of tea breaks in there Robin!

Nice one James. Did you fit in a tea break too?

Glen that's a good price, wish you were closer!

Yes Wendy you need planning consent for Velux windows, any exterior openings in fact.

Impressive! Did you need planning permission before installing the velux?

It seems lots of people need a time-lapse spousal unit. :)