Time limit on invoices

(Catherine Holden) #1

Hoping one of you will be able to answer this one for me, I have received 2 invoices in the last week for health services that we had in Jan 2014! Is there a legal time limit on how long a company has to issue an invoice before it is deemed cancelled? I know in the UK that if you have not received an invoice within 12 months then you do not have to pay but do not know if that applies over here.

Thanks in advance

(Catherine Holden) #2

Thank you!

(Catherine Holden) #3

Not trying to avoid it Gerald, these bills have arrived after moving from being covered by assurance maladie to RSA, and we had previously thought that we had been covered for these costs but now, nearly 18mths later, a different agency state that we were not covered!

(anon93947652) #4

Why would you wish to try to avoid paying for services that you have had ?

(Marie-Claire Gauthier) #5

For health invoices, they have 2 years to bill you in France.

(Steve YATES 2) #6

There was something recently about EDF reclaiming payment for some taxes that were undercharged in 2012/13 I think so perhaps the limit is longer than 12 months