Time To Pack?

With the Presidential second round elections looming - the prospect of La Blonde winning fills me with utter dread. I find it unimaginable that a country once occupied by Nazis could even contemplate electing a National Front President and all that she stands for. I think it’s sad for France that she has even got this far.

However, when you consider the fact that nearly 21% of votes in the town of Oradour-sur-Glane went to the FN - it’s hardly surprising! A town completely destroyed by the Nazis in 1944 and 642 of it’s men, women and children massacred. Short memories…madness.

As an immigrant, I can’t imagine living in a country with a National Front President - it would be an affront to my core values. Let’s hope common sense will prevail and that France will go on to flourish.

Fight Against The National Front


Not one of my many French friends voted FN, they have far more sense. The local results though were shocking with FN coming top in my little commune. We are in rural France with none of the problems that large towns and cities often have with overcrowding, immigrants, lawlesness etc. I am told that many vote for the FN as a protest against the other parties (crazy) and that maybe there will be a lot of ‘blank votes’ in less than two weeks time.

I really do hope that the people who voted FN will vote Macron because as you say France under FN doesn’t bear thinking about.

One other little ‘bemol’, the election is during a ‘pont de mai’ many French will be off for their traditional long weekends so may not be available to vote.

On verra !

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The problem with abstention is that FN voters make a point of voting, they always do - so the more people who DO vote, the better, I voted Macron in the first round as did my children old enough to vote, and shall again.
The undecideds need to get their act together or Le Pen could win, whatever the polls say - there are plenty of voters who are likely to transfer to her as well as people who will vote blanc as a (useless) protest and who when challenged on that choice say that it will serve us right if she gets in because we have useless candidates yada yada.
People who know they won’t be around to vote in person usually make a procuration, it’s very easy.


Ann, they will vote by proxy if they won’t be present on the day. In the first round, maybe 10% of the total vote was by proxy. I have to do my duty again for the 2nd round so it would interesting to see. BTW, the holiday is the 1st, so most should be back by the 7th.

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Rural France voted for MLP…big style. In large prosperous towns and cities with overcrowding, immigrants and lawlessness (as you put it) did not. Where we live in a suburb of Paris, 955 voted for MLP out of 15,000. Even in the ‘hot’ suburbs she did not get a look in.

But this vote is not about immigration or whatever, it is more like an unofficial ‘Frexit’ vote. It would not surprise me if those who voted for Mélenchon will vote MLP for that reason.

Rural France is dying and is being ignored by the mainstream political elites who favour the EU and globalisation.

If MLP does not get in this time, I bet she will get in next time.

The OP is making a mistake in their assessment of why the FN is doing so well. It has nothing to do with xenophobia. This is purely economics.

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No Mark. You’re the one making the mistake - I’m simply stating how I feel, therefore no assessment required. I don’t care why the FN have done so well - I simply hate the fact they have along with everything they stand for and represent. Understanding why they have done so well doesn’t change how I feel one tot.

You mentioned xenophobia - not me.

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I get what you are saying, and I guess many French feel the same. But I would not get emotive about it.

You do have to understand why the FN has become so popular in order to rationalise it and be able to look at the situation objectively.

You mentioned ‘Oradour sur glane’ which was destroyed by Nazi Germany. For some I guess (and many others in rural France) may think history is repeating itself.

We voted Macron, but I can’t see him ‘saving’ France. In six years time we will be back to square one again.

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A large percentage voted MLP in our rural town, what worries me is if they do elect her then will the locals who live here start to turn on anybody that was not born in France.
We have some of the best farming lands in our area and a few local farmers would love to get their hands on it, do you get my thinking behind this worry.
As a matter of interest Simon if the worst case scenario does happen where would you move to?

The weekend is of the 7th is also a long one because the 8th of May falls on a Monday.

Mark, I spoke about the election being during a ‘pont de mai’ , the 8th is a holiday which makes the 7th part of the traditional long weekend, a time when the French like to go away ! I wonder how many of the people who will be on holiday will bother with a vote by proxy !

I guess the long weekend could play into MLP favour. Macron made the mistake in thinking the election is won and celebrated at a very expensive restaurant in Paris. If his voters think the same they may go away and come back to a very nasty shock.

La Rotonde isn’t “very expensive” by Paris standards, it is just a nice brasserie and not up itself. Did you see who Macron took there along with smart types? His security and secretaries, as a thank you. Where would you prefer he go? Burger King?



Was it not the same one that Sarky went to after wining the election ?

The OP mentioned Oradour-sur-glane so that got me thinking.

What were the results of Natzwiller in Dept 67. For those who don’t know, it is the location of the only Nazi concentration camp in France. Worth a visit I might add. Well it is a must see to be fair to put life into perspective.

So, Macron did come out out on to with 26 % of the votes. MLP came just behind with 25.4 %

So what do you read into that ?

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Proxy votes are very easy, you just have to go to the police station a week or so before the date and fill in a form nominating your proxy.

No, Sarko went to Fouquet’s which is a bling m’as-tu-vu place. And he didn’t take his security or secretaries.
Re the percentages, I think they show 25% of the electorate are FN voters, 26% are EM voters and the rest will have to decide which way to jump.

No, that is not the point I am trying to make.

Why did people living in ‘Natzwiller’ that has an ex Nazi concentration camp (and gas chamber) in the area vote for MLP ?

I agree with your assessment, Vero…

I’ve eaten in La Rotonde… during a day-trip to Paris with a few of my neighbours… no idea which one of them chose the venue for lunch… but it was a great experience. Food etc was good and not over-priced and I thoroughly enjoyed people-watching…in between courses…:grinning:

The same people who claim that their parents and grandparents were not aware of the camp’s existence?


They are voting for MLP because rural France is dying and they believe she has the answers.

I don’t really read the UK press much but I do think this article is spot on:

No? Who are they then?