"tina" - missing near oradour-sur-vayres 87

I didn't want to confine this to "Dogs Dogs Dogs" in case there are members living nearby who aren't in that group so please forgive me for doing a 'general'.

"Tina" is a small papillon/chihuahua cross who bolted out the door and found a hole in the fence before I could stop her. I wasted precious time hunting around the hamlet before finding out from a neighbour that she'd been seen over 2kms away to the north and she's still running.

I'm distributing posters into letterboxes etc in every hamlet around Oradour-Sur-Vayres / St Laurent etc but, please, if you live in the department could you help - she's absolutely adorable so someone may just pick her up (if they can catch her - she's terrified) and drive out of my 'zone'.

I'm attaching the official 'lost' poster from the refuge so, if you can, please just put one in the local supermarket window etc - you never know.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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That is a positive bit of news. Fingers crossed for you!

Hi Nick,

A neighbour saw her yesterday morning. He said she was looking thin, not surprisingly, but she at least must have found water. She seems to be heading back towards our village, not further away. So many people know about her here and are on the look out for her I'm still hopeful she will be found in time.

Hi Val.
I know you posted this about a week ago and a) I was wondering if there was any news ? And b) if not, to jog people’s mind that there is a missing pooch out there that needs to find their way home.

Hope you get something positive soon.

I think the association concerned are registering her everywhere. Don't want to interfere with that.

Have you also registered her on here? http://www.chien-perdu.org/

Don't know why I didn't think of that sooner - sorry!!!

Hi Julie,

I wanted to thank you for your support about this - so very kind. Just back from going round with a sniffer dog who picked up her scent briefly. Am going out again in about an hour to look round that area more. Such a shame, only found out this afternoon that she'd been seen there yesterday. I could have spent the whole morning focusing on it. Never mind. Patience and perseverence. Thank you again. x

I have Tweeted your post - I hope that you find her soon x