'Tina' - papillon/chihuahua cross ready for adoption!

This is Tina who I am 'foster mum' to at the moment. She is as adorable as she looks, and an absolute sweetheart without an aggressive bone in her body. She is also incredibly quiet - I have literally not heard one noise out of her, apart from paws trotting down the stairs.

She was rescued from a house where a lady was keeping 25 dogs plus cats in absolute filth. Sadly, 17 of the dogs had already been put down by the time help arrived, but Tina survived.

She is, not surprisingly, very timid but loves her little treats and is getting along wonderfully with my existing cats and dogs. She would require a fenced garden as she's very inquisitive and could wander off. I'm in the throes of teaching her to come when she's called but early days.

She is approximately 5 years old, microchipped, neutered, wormed and her vaccinations are almost complete (I have one left to do in 3 weeks' time).

If anyone would be interested in giving this little muppet a loving home, please do let me know.

Valerie & Tina

Hi there, I am writing on behalf of the friend Lynn Stone contacted re Tina. His name is Peter Brookes and he doesn't have access to a computer other than mine. Currently he is in the UK and as Lynn said his dog, who went everywhere with him, very unexpectedly died. He wants another dog and it needs to be a rescue and very different from Alfie. He came from Spain and was a pointer/hunter type dog. He had been thinking of getting a smaller dog to keep Alf company. Peter also has cats so any dog he gets needs to be good with them which I see Tina is. Peter will be returning to France at the end of this month and if Tina is still available would like to meet her.

It would be good to have a private phone number for you and email address if you could contact me on Linda.brookes@uwclub.net with these that would be great

Look forward to hearing from you


Have sent this to a friend Valerie, who has recently lost his dog to illness - fingers crossed!