Tinchy - lost dog

Please can you help share this information. Thank you in advance for any help.

TINCHY - 16 mths GSD went missing from a transporter on his way from The Dog You Need rescue to his forever home in the UK. He sadly escaped from the transporter on 18th November at Total Petrol Station, Aire De Bidart Est, A63, 64210 Bidart, France.

PetAlert for the region and chien perdu has his details, however, we are wanting to cover all avenues possible to help raise awareness and find Tinchy.

It has been 12 days since he has been missing with no sightings and he could have travelled out of the area by now. A facebook page has been created to highlight Tinchy’s plight. #FindTinchy


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Poor Tinchy hope he turns up :cry:

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Thank you Peter. Great worry as no sightings.

I would really hope someone would recognise him as a disoriented stray, he’s a big dog to be running free, and do the right thing and hand him over to an appropriate rescue agency. Fingers crossed for him/you.

Thanks. Trying to raise his profile and awareness wherever I can. This is not my dog and I am not attached to The Dog You Need, the rescue he came from. Simply an animal lover terrified for this beautiful boy and wanting to do what I can to get him found

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