Tiny beetle infestation

So when I arrived after a year I opened a large wicker chest where I’ve always safely stored sheets and towels - to find hundreds (possibly thousands) of tiny brown/black beetles, mostly dead. Can you imagine the screams?? I often see a few around the house, but this was another level… They look like sesame seeds, and haven’t caused any damage except to my peace of mind. Can anyone tell me a) what they are and b) how to prevent/repel them?

I didn’t have the presence of mind to take pictures, just hoovered them up!

is this site any help in identifying what you saw?
Without further detail, it’s almost impossible to be more helpful…

If they were tiny, tiny - like 2 -3mm then probably carpet beetles.

Check all the natural fibres in the basket!

As we’re on with infestation, a tree next door has problems. Anyone know what?

Looks like sweet cherry stem rust.

Thanks, I think that’s what they were - everything’s been checked and cleaned, but is there a way of repelling them?

I couldn’t find it on that page, I think it’s an indoor beetle! But did identify a few other critters in my garden, thanks.

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Steam cleaning vulnerable areas to make sure no eggs left, and diatomaceous earth can help.

Good idea, although my steam cleaner seems to have packed up after not being used for a year… :roll_eyes:

Run some vinegar through it, if you live in a hard water area it could be clogged up with limescale due to lack of use.

Ours did - and it has a cartridge, so just bought a replacement - have yet to try it.

Thanks, I suspected that, so tried vinegar then a more vicious descaler and wiggling some wire through the nozzles, but no luck.

Unfortunately mine doesn’t have a cartridge so I think I’m stuck :confused:

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