Tips about La Rochelle

hello everyone,

I moved with my family to France about two years ago for a position in an international NGO. We live in Arles centreville in the Provence and I don't think I can complain about anything. At the moment, I am considering a job close to La Rochelle, halfway between Bordeaux and Nantes and I've been looking for info about the town but I thought personal experiences from some of you who live there or who have been to the city would be very helpful. One thing I know is that the weather will not be as sunny as Arles but I am working on collecting more specific info. Your tips would be more than appreciated.



Yep, like you we're into the 30s at the moment but don't have the mistral, thankfully! La Rochelle doesn't have the same heat given that it's next to the sea. What I don't like there is the very British winter - wet and windy and grey, but you can't have everything and it's a lovely town ;-)

For the météo, the Mistral of last winter was not a pleasing experience and yesterday it was 33 in arles! Being a Jordanian, I know how 40 celsius feels but still yesterday was something.

We all love arles but I guess regarding the weather, that's a point for La Rochelle


Just on the météo front, and I'm sure you already know this, but you'll be simply swapping the dry mistral for mild wet westerlies in the winter and in summer you'll be glad to have escaped the heat! Was at uni in AIx and spent some time an hour south of La Rochelle. Both have their good and bad points, I'd say the traffic isn't half as bad as the south!

Thanks Barbara,

I was talking about it with some of my french friends here in Arles and they told me that La Rochelle has a lot of character too.

Regarding the traffic, do you mean that this is the case during the high season only, right? I hope so.

So no negatives for the time being? We love it here in Arles so that's why we don't want to get surprised about something in La Rochelle that can be too much for us.



La Rochelle has some very attractive features...

Great choice of restuarants and shops, summer entertainment, lively, beaches.

Certain parts of the port area can get a bit wild later at night during high season but

and; of course the traffic is fairly lively.

Those are the negatives.

Arles is packed with character ....We liked it