Tips on using the network

HERE is a collection of links to past articles I, and others, have written that might help you use the Survive France Network more effectively:

How to link to another web page from the network
One of the most powerful elements of a website is the link as this can point readers to articles of interest that everyone can then share.

Adding an image to an article on the network
If you are looking to illustrate your blog post on the network with a photograph or image then here is how you go about doing it.

Spread you work beyond the network to Twitter, Facebook, Delicious etc
Highlight the blog post, photos and videos you add to the Survive France

Network on other sites in a couple of clicks.

Changing your profile photo on the network
You have the option to feature a photograph of yourself on your profile

page, but if you want to change it then here is how to do it.

Placing a link to your blog posts from elsewhere on the net
You, and your readers, will gain so much more if you feature links to other websites.

How to use the ‘chat’ feature
With the chat window open you can now see who is online in the right

hand pane, on the left you will see any active chat.

Thanks Gina, will ensure it’s updated with new pieces when written.

Ohh Ta Craig