Tips on using Twitter for your business

Twitter PR Strategy
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HERE is a very useful graphic that outlines the different ways and means you can use Twitter to help your business.

It comes from Ogilvy PR and whilst some of it relates to large business, the majority of the ideas could easily be used to a greater or lesser degree by small businesses (via Paul Bradshaw).

Following others is the first step as this lets you get a handle on what's being said in your field or interests.

To do this head to Twitter Search and enter a couple of keywords relating to your subject.

You can follow this search so that you can get a quick idea of what's bubbling up over a week or two, and begin to follow others.

Add a couple of helpful Tweets of your own, retweet some of the best messages you are seeing, and others will begin to follow you back.

As you find your feet you can promote your own blog posts, retweet other interesting messages you see and begin to help potential clients and customers with answers.

So over time you become recognised as a person who knows their particular field and that people can turn to or recommend to their friends.

And you are sure to discover some interesting and intriguing characters on the web as well.

Hope this helps, any questions just shout.

Here you go. This is the transfer link I used on Hamish’s Blog see the little Facebook icon and next to it the no of times I have transfered the current post to my Facebook Page

Thanks Craig (This will teach me to log this kind of information for future use ) but I was so excited about having a new all singing and dancing computer to play on that common sense, it all went out of the window.

Hi Gina, not too sure exactly what you mean. But there are Twitter and Facebook widgets provided by both sites which will left you copy and paste a short line of code into the side bar of a website, this then displays your updates.

If you want to run your blog post into Twitter and Facebook these will use the RSS feed of your website, a couple of Google searches should bring up solutions.

Is a bit difficult to give a definitive answer without seeing the blog you are talking about, drop a link to it below.

Hi Craig

As usual very useful information. I am trying to put a link and counter from my blog to Facebook and Twitter. Did it originally on Hamish’s Blog but down have a new blog. I just cannot remember how I did it. Can you help.?

Ta Gina