'Tis the season to be jolly - not

I'd planned to write an amusing second part to my last post. One where I would regale you with amusing tales of fighting through the crowds to source the finest fresh produce for our Christmas feast. Alas, it was not to be.

We decided to take the kids to the ski slopes on the 24th. The idea was that those that wanted to could ski and those that didn't, could go sledging and chuck snowballs around. The skiers duly buggered off and the rest of us went walking. A good time was had by all until after lunch, when we decided to go sledging.

It was still going well until I decided to get on the sledge with Tilly. Even then, it might have been ok had my youngest daughter not decided to do 'extreme' sledging and go as fast as possible. The inevitable happened. We hit the safety barrier, which did admittedly prevent me from going over the edge of the mountain, Bridget Jones style, but unfortunately meant my leg went one way and the rest of me another.

Result - one broken mummy.

So I'm typing from the sofa with my leg encased in plaster. On the days when I'm working, the long suffering Mr.H has to chauffeur me from A to B, make me sandwiches and make sure I have my hat, scarf and gloves to hand. It all feels a bit like being five again.

Still, I did get out of cooking over Christmas and New Year. The downside was that I also got out of drinking. You simply cannot be pissed in charge of a pair of crutches. Trust me, it does not work.

So when I write a feature entitled "Your Christmas Countdown - Ten Top Tips For a Stress Free Holiday" - I will of course be emphasising the following:

Do Not Go Skiing

Make Sure You Don't Plan To Do Last Minute Food Shopping On The 24th As You May Be In Hospital

The Same Goes For Buying Champagne Glasses - Bubbly Can Lose Its Sparkle When Served In Chipped Tumblers

and finally

Choose Your Houseguests Carefully - luckily mine were stars and happy to do a ten day stint of cooking, laundry and housework - it could have been far worse!

Thank you Elizabeth. As it is, initially I had to be taken to the loo - it is up a step :)

Could have been worse - if it had been your arm you might have needed help pulling knickers up and down every time you went to the loo - it's quite hard to do one handed!

Aw Suz I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope your Mum is ok?

Got fingers crossed for you for a smooth arrival for baby Fitz number three! xx

Hi Catharine, mine was a bit up and down too. My dear grandma passed away on Christmas day morning, she was totally over excited (as usual) and had a huge heart attack just as my mum arrived at her home to see her. Given my current impending due date I've been trying not to think about it too much and seem to be managing ok now. I haven't told Jasmine as I don't know how you tell a 2 year old without her just repeating why? why? which is her favourite question at the moment.

Luckily for me, Darren has been off for 2 weeks and so I too have been waited on hand and foot...

I'm now on the countdown for No 3 to arrive, today stocked up with Raspberry leaf tea & pineapple...

Here's hoping for a good 2012!