TNT SAT cards

Can anyone remember when french TV went digital? Just plugged the french TNT SAT box in for gite guests arriving today and get messages saying I cannot access the channels, TF1 etc. Just wondering if it’s been 4 years already and need to get new cards

Couple of years ago Mark. If the box has been unplugged for sometime then you’ll need to wait up to a couple of hours for the card to reactivate.

Didn’t think it was 4 years yet, will leave it connected to see what happens!

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It dépends where you live, because I am on my second card.I lived in the area of the first trails in Brittany.

Last year we had to buy a new box (card was new 2014 so should have lasted 4 years but the box had to be changed). We live in Scotland.

It was left on and connected overnight and worked fine the next day.