TNT (Télévision Numérique Terrestre) Changes

If you watch French Television, there is a good chance that you are receiving your signal through a traditional loft or roof aerial. From 5th April, they will stop transmitting the standard definition signal and you will only be able to receive programmes if you have a recent HD television or a new MPEG-4 adapter for your old TV.

Wanting to get ahead of the game, we bought a new LG television about a month ago. We watch French programmes and also enjoy English language movies that can be seen in VM (Version Multilangue) on channels such as Arte. The big advantage of watching on French channels is that they don't interrupt films with commercial breaks every 20 minutes.

But we have a problem. With our old TV, we could select the audio channel language we wanted. With the new TV this does not appear to be possible. We have set the menu so that our choice of first and second language are both English but we still only get English language films dubbed into French on VM transmissions. Strangely, we can receive some trashy American programmes with English audio on other channels that are not listed as being in VM. We have emailed LG for help on this but have not had a reply.

Has anyone had a similar experience? If you have found the answer, please share.