Tnt tv

I have just been informed by SFR that I can not access their TV bundle due to my area. I have just spent an hour on the roof connecting an old antenna, but to no avail. I believe I need a modern one.....just to get TNT. Is this so?

I have a TV decoder from SFR and the arial should work with this, but presumption is the mother of all cock ups.

Any help would be appreciated before I get a technician in to tell me something I should already know

Thanks in advance, and Happy New Year!!

Andy, Yes, I see what you mean. I've only ever tried mine as an IPTV decoder, but apparently it does have DVB-T (TNT / Freeview) capability as well, making it also like one of the set-top boxes I referred to. I've just tried mine in this mode on my indoor aerial and it works well, and is better at getting marginal signals than the (modern) TV I connected it to. I couldn't set it to give VO across the board, but could change a given programme to VO whilst watching that programme. (The VO programmes I tried, though originally in English, still gave French when changed to VO, but I don't think that's unusual.)

Thanks Peter. The decoder claims to have TNT integrated. I'll try the straight in the TV method but I think there may be a fault somewhere in my UHF connections. I will also try the retune and get back to you

Andy - The SFR TV decoder has nothing to do with TNT. Do not connect it, or even plug it in. All TVs sold in France in the last few years have had to be TNT-compatible, so that you just connect the TV aerial cable directly into the back of any modern TV set. (A British Freeview-compatible set should also work.) You would then have to do a setup (tune-in) of the digital (numérique) channels. If your TV is not so young, you can buy a small set-top box from most grand surfaces and bricolage outlets. These usually cost in the region of €30, and the aerial goes into that box, which also has to be tuned in.

One of these routes should get you operational if your old aerial is up to getting the frequencies used, which are in the same range as the old 'analogue' channels. However, some old antennas only operated over part of the total range, so that could cause you grief. The antenna also has to be pointed correctly, and quite accurately. Looking at where other people's point may be a help.

If all of this fails, then you may well need an antenniste, but please come back & let us know how you got on.