TNTSAT viewing card due for renewal

We are in Luxembourg
I have a STRONG SRT7404 decoder connected to a Satelite dish through which we watch French TV.
The decoder box was bought in October 2016 and will in October 2020 need a new TNTSAT viewing card. These need renewing after four years.
I will be asking the original supplier but a quick google today suggest that these cards are quite expensive.

This issue has arisen before and I have in the back of my mind that these cards can be free of charge if requested and sent to a FRENCH address.
We have an address in France.

Am I completely wrong or is this possible.
Any advise welcome.

Cost 15€ here, and usually get them in a couple of days - but post v slow. Not sure if they’ll send them to addresses outside France

Thank you.
You are right, when I click to order a card I get a screen telling me the service is only available in France.
Looks like I will have to wait until we are next in France and order online from there.

I order mine on line in France but my local multimedia shop sell the cards for 20 euros. If you sent them a cheque they might post you one. I have their address and telephone number I could send you via private message?

Anne what a kind offer.
We hope to be in France before the card expires (October) and either manage to order one for delivery to our French address or even find a shop that sells one for €20.
Online they can be had for €75 from third party sellers!

If we fail I will certainly take up your kind offer.
Keep safe, keep healthy.