To Hell or Rwanda

That’s it! The Dunkerque spirit O’boy we’ll show th’m what… lol?


So, Sunak has announced/confirmed no flights before the GE, and Starmer has previously said he will scrap the scheme once Labour is elected.

Does this mean the Rwanda scheme is officially dead?

Just half a billion £ wasted.

I can’t help thinking it would be interesting to know just who   benefitted from the half billion and what their connection is to the Tories :rage:

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Some politicians in Rwanda mainly, I think?

The National Audit Office’s report on how much it’s cost is eyewatering:

Could be - the bulk is going to the Rwandan Economic Transformation and Integration Fund

What I can’t find anywhere is what the Rwandans have done with their Economic Transformation and Integration Fund.

However these sorts of funds often support development projects of one form or another. I could imagine - and I stress this is pure speculation - that some British contact somewhere could suggest to some Rwandan contact somewhere that so-and-so (who happens to have ties to the Tories) would be a splendid person to be awarded a development contract.

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Or supply much needed personal protection equipment to Rwandan hospitals.

I hope the new regime goes after Mone and her ilk with renewed vigour. .

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A reckoning begins as the deplorable scheme ends

An audit of the scheme has already been done

Monies already sent to Rwanda:

As for “recouping or saving portions” of the plan already sent to Rwanda, UK is unlikely to see a penny returned

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Labour have still got it wrong, there should be an asylum processing centre in France which would reduce the numbers using people smugglers in the first place.

Agree about the need for a processing centre, but it’ll take time to set up. And of course it would be in France, where it’s not the most pressing issue right now.

Indeed - it’s the obvious solution. But give them time, they’ve done quite a lot already in just one weekend!

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Helps understanding and compassion to know why some desperate people board the boats to cross dangerous waters hoping to find safety

After all the horrors they survive crossing from North Africa ro Europe, some still try to reach Britain. Just saying ‘migrants’ should not travel or blame the miserable money grubbing traffickers is not going to stop the flow of humanity. The world needs to find ways to ensure they can stay safely and healthy at home.

Giving money and licence to Libyan and other oppressive regimes is not the answer.