To Hell or Rwanda

I have to give Shitty Patel some credit. Being shipped to Rwanda could well be a disincentive to cross the Channel, Haiti might have been an even better option.


It’s bleeding illegal John… don’t encourage the grotesque tart :woman_vampire: any more than she needs to be…
Phil Moorhouse - A Different Bias explains it succinctly

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Good old Professor Tim suggests we pity Priti Patel :slightly_smiling_face:

Brilliant idea and only costs £160 million, what’s not to like? :grinning:

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Just horrific. Manus Island was such a success in Australia! I wonder if the weasel Tony Abbot has his finger in someone’s pie :japanese_ogre:

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I see Alf Dubs has described it as ‘state-sponsored trafficking’.


Can’t see Boris ?

Isn’t he behind Patel?

If the intention of UK Govt is to stop criminal gangs trafficking people - how is the solution a criminal gang trafficking people to Rwanda?


Where’s Wally?

Thats not the intention, it just puts the refugees back in circulation to try again after all the scum government are probably running the trafficking.

20 to 30k a pop……. nice little earner for Rwanda. They’ll probably sponsor the Calais people traffickers to get the volumes up, or just give the deportees Rwandan passports and recycle them through Paris-CDG. Ka-ching. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Common Sense has disappeared from this BRITISH Government.

Plus the inevitable “bungs” in brown envelopes :roll_eyes:
all of course at the UK tax payers expense…
While Rome burns the Crime Minister and his evil bitch the vampiress Petty Patel :woman_vampire: glide silently across the floor


Not just the common variety…

It will be interesting to see how this pans out.
Pretty Shiti is under pressure from her civil servants in the Home Office under threat of walking out en-bloc because she is disregarding their advice on this issue and the leading religious influences are calling it out.
Just needs the Queen as head of state and the CofE to call it out too but, as usual, she won’t - so what is the point of the monarchy?
Meanwhile, the Crime Minister is set to jet off to India over some military alliance excuse or other… Rome burns etc etc :roll_eyes:

Graham, IMO the “ruling class” wanted to take back control, they lied to the proles to make it happen and now they can give two fingers to those Wooster Mogg et al consider the untermensch. And grubby little toads like Farrage and Mark Gino Francois , to mention just two, untermenchs themselves, cheer the process on. It’s Alf Garnett all over again.

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Can you explain who they are John.