To iPad or not to iPad?- Ditherer seeks advice!

Hi Chums- As Santa wasn't particularly forthcoming this year I'm thinking of treating myself to a tablet. I started off looking at the budget options, then as one does worked my way up the price ladder until I stopped at the ASUS Transformer T200 with detachable keyboard at about £350. Tried to get one from but it only came with an AZERTY keyboard so got fed up.

Then started looking at the iPAD Air 2 which looks lovely and a keyboard can be bought separately. I've never owned an Apple product but have met many Apple zealots! Again have worked my way up the options and have now paused at the iPad Air 2 64Gb (about £460) I am currently hovering over the 'Buy now' button.

Some of the best deals on Amazon UK don't deliver to France.(Grrrrr) I can get it from but it's a little more expensive but would be probably be better for any after sales issues.

There again does the iPad justify the high price?

Is it going to be awkward to transfer Word files across from my laptop to the iPad with no USB port?

Is it better to buy in France or UK?

Answers on a postcard please.......

Thanks Nicole- That's very helpful. My laptop will still be my main machine but just occasionally I want to flop on the settee and tat with something and the laptop is a bit cumbersome for that. I guess I just need a little shove - although I've yet to hear of anyone who wishes they hadn't bought an iPad!

Thans for the heads-up on Darty and Boulanger- I'll give them a try. I've bought appliances from the UK before and trying to get after-sales services if they go wonky is a nightmare not to mention the cost and inconvenience of posting them back to Blighty for repair.

Sorry I can't offer much useful advice but just wanted to say I bought my husband an iPAD mini for Christmas. Like you I started looking at lower priced tablets and considered the Galaxy tab but I knew it would be useful for him to be able to use a sim card with cellular reception which non of the other tablets seem to have. Like you I looked on UK Amazon but found Boulanger and Darty to be similar prices on iPAD if not lower.

BUT in the end because of stock problems, (I waited too late before Christmas to make up my mind!) Boulanger had none in stock and Darty was very low so I paid €399 for the Mini and it only has 16 GB but it does have a cellular connection. Stock may no longer be a problem and if it is it only takes a few days or so for them to order for you. It may be worth checking with them before ordering from Amazon.

Wish I could help with your other questions but I can say my husband was very worried never using an iPAD before but he has had no problems and loves it. Mind you he still uses his laptop and hasn't transferred man files that he must use for his work so hopefully someone will respond soon that can advice you on that side of it.