To obtain a death certificate from France

Hello, I would very very much appreciate if someone could point me to the right direction regarding this.
In 2000 my husband who was a French died from cancer in Paris. It was a very difficult time for both of us as we were in a middle of a separation. We were Living in the UK, I still do when he left to go to Paris without letting . me that he had terminal cancer. I only knew of his death when I was contacted officially from someone in France. At the time I did not request for my late husband’s death certificate but I need to apply for this now. Where or who do I write to for to request this? Is there a specific office in Paris or an organisation I could make my request? Any advice would be most helpful and very much appreciated. Thank you very much,

You need to visit the Marie in the area where he died. Take with you the doctors certificate and proof of who you are and your relationship to him. ie your passport and marriage certificate. There is no charge for it.

Hi David,
Thank you so much for your information. I am residing in the united Kingdom. I have never lived in France. When my late husband died in 2000, I heard he was in a hospital in the Paris area although I don’t know exactly which hospital. I have no contact with anyone in France and also no idea who was involved when he died. I only know that whatever finances I had through our marriage, payment was deducted for his funeral expenses. What is the possibility of me applying from the UK? Will I be able to do it in writing via a letter with copies of my passport and marriage certificate? I also have a letter form the Notary to inform me of his death. Would this be sufficient in the absence of death certificate from the doctor or the hospital? Thank you in advance for any information you could give me on these queries.

Ask the notary which mairie. The location should be on official documents the notary would have access to?

You get them online now. Part of the démarches simplifiés


If you don’t know which bit of Paris, just try them one at a time until you hit the right one? Or as Karen says ask the Notaire where his death was registered.

We have been able to do it with a phone call then email with copies of what they need.

Hi David,

Thank you again. I shall do that. Very much appreciated!!

Hi Jane,

Thank you so much. Most helpful! I may have to do this as an alternative if I cannot get hold of the Notary, Most grateful for your information!!

Hi Karen,

Thank you so very much. This is a great help. I’m most grateful.