To Paint or Not

I like making wooden troughs, but because of the cost of paint, am wondering whether to leave this new one as it is.
I know it’s not level but pointless doing it if I’m going to move it to paint.

Previous ones

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Is it hardwood? And is it lined? If answer to both is no, then it will need something or or won’t last very long. But maybe that’s a good thing if you like making troughs?

It’s made with decking planks and after painting I line with heavy duty tarpaulin.

I make troughs because I have run out of room in the garden :smile:

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what has the price of bread got to do with it? :thinking:

It looks like some type of softwood so I would treat it without fail regardless of the cost.

Edited my post just to make you happy

no sense of humour…

You or Ann?:wink:

Perhaps Graham, you haven’t considered, that some people suffer with a form of word blindness and to make a joke of a spelling mistake is rather hurtful

I like your troughs they look well made, well done. I like the idea of painting them too because it’s outside decor and you can change the colour as you wish.
I have just finished making a very basic desk and a ‘wobbly what not’ ( wasn’t meant to be like that ) that has castors and holds my printer, paper, pens etc; to fit in a small space in my dining room.
Feel quite proud because I have never had any woodworking lessons and they were made from ‘scraps’ of wood purloined from a friend!
Girl power :champagne::champagne:

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It must be quite big to get that horse in :rofl:

Not if its a Shetland Pony ! :upside_down_face:

I think painting it gives a wonderful opportunity to colour co-ordinate to best show off the floral display.

Perhaps Ann they are using an IPad like myself which makes typing more difficult.
I think your criticism of a rather amusing joke is unwarranted.

My horses are so nosy, I wouldn’t put it past them if they could get near it :grin:

Jane, comment was aimed at me because I had missed the “t” off the end of a word, I have a form of word blindness and also can transpose numbers, it doesn’t matter how many times I re-read through what I have written, I don’t always see the mistakes.

I love making things especially from scraps, thinking of making a new bird table now

I think not proof-reading before hitting ‘send’ is a crime unless you have a condition such as Ann’s.:wink:

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That must make things difficult for you.
Do you remember Barbara Dean who was dyslexic?

I always blame auto correct. Usually it’s just my lack of editing.
My niece, 20, has just been diagnosed with dyslexia. It now makes sense that she has failed her driving theory 6 times.