To publish or not to publish? That is the question

Last year I wrote a novel. It ended up at 108,000 words. A multi-threaded story concerning murder and identity. But I’m not sure what to do now.
I looked into self-publishing with Am and K- seems you have to spend hours on social media to push your work - with little hope of success. That, I don’t mind, but what worries me is the possible French Tax situation. Do I really have to register as a business and pay all the fees and taxes even though I may never sell a single copy? Is there an alternative? Or should I just press DELETE and forget it ever got written?
I’d love to hear how others have solved this. I’d really like to publish and sell, but not if I have to pay out huge amounts (hundreds of euros) per month first.

Curtis… my immediate reaction was “NO” do not press DELETE… you’ve worked hard… do not waste another second considering throwing it all away. :anguished:

I shall be interested in other folks’ responses…

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That’s kind of you, Stella (and for the tax advice on pensions!), but I’ve read the stuff and I don’t think it’s worth having to pay to set up a business as a writer when chances are no-one will ever read it. You don’t happen to know how to contact a major Hollywood producer do you???:slight_smile:

Shhh… I have a friend who has spent years writing and trying to get his stuff Produced (film/tv et al)… something is now in the pipeline (at least, last I heard)… but it can be soul-destroying, rejection after rejection.

If I find out anything useful…re contacts… I will pass it on to you.

Me, I write poetry and stuff (nothing soppy)… just get inspired occasionally… been like that since my early teens. I have all my early jottings as well as more recent stuff… I can go for years with nothing, then go mad. Anyway it is all for my family and heirs…to laugh at, smile at… etc etc. then bin if they want to.

Just before moving to France…I was clearing out my Nan’s stuff and found a “love” poem written by her Mother…(my great grand mother) so perhaps this “skill/madness” is in my genes.

Keep the faith…

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If you just want to get it into print so you can have a copy yourself and your friends and have it available to sell if the opportunity arrives, you can publish it for nowt using Amazon’s CreateSpace or other print-on-demand publishers. I’ve used CreateSpace many times, occasionally for my own efforts but usually for a friend who publishes minority interest academic books on obscure poets etc, and always been very satisfied with the results quality-wise.

Any significant royalties should be declared through the Maison des Artistes but unless you really strike it lucky, I don’t think you need worry about that just yet. Go for it and see what happens, and if you earn a few euro just declare it on your tax form (or not), and if it goes viral, then you can register with MdA.

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Thanks Stella for your encouragement, and Anna, for your advice. Don’t suppose you’d fancy reading it and giving me an honest opinions would you ???