To test or not to test?

I agree with you that the media are responsible for skewing the truth to make the most dramatic headlines. However everything else you say misrepresents the truth, or is wrong. Putting unrelated facts and opinions together doesn’t make an coherent argument. Fear of crime is not the same.

Firstly it seems that the mortality rate for this virus is close to 1%, which is nearly 10 times that of flu. So letting it run its course would kill rather a lot of people unnecessarily and, even more concerning, leave many people with long term disabilities. And what you had in January doesn’t sound anything like covid…no fever, for example.

And like other I have sympathy for your mate, 77 is too young to die these days. Sadly if stage 4 metastases were discovered in August then there was probably little that could have been done to save him earlier in the year. As you probably know, prostate cancer is the second biggest cancer killer of men now and mortality rates rise with age, with over 75’s being most at risk. So although your feelings are understandable, and covid has had a serious impact on people’s health and cancer diagnoses I’m not convinced this was the case for your friend.