To whom can I make a complaint

Storage Door - Opale Fermetures - Trying to get my deposit from the company. Several Communication – emails; registered letters. No reply. Can you advise, please?

Répression des Fraudes in nearest large town/city. They will sort this freely for you, just make sure you have all the paperwork and in french. They sorted Orange out for us when we did not even have a valid contract. They also know how to proceed down the legal route as well.

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Presumably, you wrote your LRAR to the head office in Maresville ?

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Répression des Fraudes - I did not get a reply to my email.

I completed forms for SignalConso. Got an acknowledgement reply.

Is the normal practice?

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No, best go in person and speak face to face. Our local office was actually 70kms away in Brest but we made the effort and hey presto sorted an hour later, well worth going. I don’t trust emails to offices, people are too busy to stop and look at them for days so always go in person and get it done!

I would recommend anything important such as CAF/Impôts/Utilities/Prefecture to go in person and you can but always check their open hours first as some have limits for seeing the public. I kept getting palmed off on the phone by Veolia this summer to have my water meter fitted andthe supply connected so we went to the main office in town, walked in and spoke to the desk, paid a cheque over and hey presto, twohours later they arrived chez-moi and fitted said meter and put the supply on whereas it would be 6-8 weeks the telephone person said

Sorry, I live in the UK.

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