Tobacco limits

When we lived in France we would occasionally accompany our neighbours, of whom the husband was a heavy smoker, to Andorre or Spain. If the latter, and our neighbour had sneaked an extra carton or two into the car, then he was a nervous wreck until we got past the péage at L’Union and on to the A68. We laughed at him and told him he was entitled to take as much as he wanted for personal consumption. It’s a single market after all. However, I read the other day that the French authorities do indeed place a limit, now one carton of cigarettes per person. I am interested to know by what EU regulations they are permitted to do this.

Andorra is not in the EU.

Which is why I said “when it was the latter”!

Recently, a cigar smoking Dutch friend ordered €250 worth of cigars from a wholesaler in Belgium. They got intercepted by the douane in Limoges and they "invited " him for an "audition ". He tried to explain, but ended up getting a €250 fine and they didn’t give him the cigars back. The limits for buying personally and mail order are different too.

A better question might be which regulation stops them. My understanding is that Freedom of goods, people and finance is not unconditional, and countries still retain their National rights of self-protection as they see it.

The law still needs to be voted through the senat, it was 4 cartouches and will be 1 if the law passes, which it should. This is for EU and non-EU countries. Why ; because France “loses” several billion, yes billion, euros a year in taxes (85% of the purchase price) on cross-border sales, contrabande etc. Parole d’un buraliste :wink:


I thought you would reply with greater knowledge than me. I should imagine the smuggling networks will be busy when these restrictions come into effect. I wonder if places like La Jonquera will become less popular?

Tobacco should be banned entirely, if it was I would even give up my wine!


Steady on! No need to take it to extremes!

For once, it isn’t me accusing you of wining :rofl:

I never whine. I make astute comments.