Toll Tag companies

Which company would you recommend?
I’m looking at getting a tag to make our journeys a bit easier now that we are travelling more frequently from the UK to France, As we progress with the house I seem to be handing out our bank details left right n centre at the moment and am wondering which suppliers are trustworthy.

If you want to pay in pounds, the easiest solution is Emovis - they are UK based (but represent SANEF).

I have used them since 2018 and found them to be reliable and easy to deal with - once when a toll gate misidentified my motorcycle as a car and charged me the wrong rate, they sorted it out and refunded me without quibble.

This year however I am switching to using SANEF direct (via BipAndGo), as their charges are slightly lower without the middleman, and I want to pay in Euros going forward in anticipation of my eventual move to France when I retire.

I’m paying my BipandGo account from my Wise Euro account.

I haven’t yet made any journeys with the new tag (in fact I still have my Emovis tag which you have reminded me I need to cancel!) but I don’t anticipate any problems.

I definitely recommend having a tag if you use autoroutes with péage, it speeds you through the toll plazas, especially if you are in a right-hand drive vehicle and don’t have a passenger aka Toll Payment Operative. :slight_smile:


We’ve had a Bip & Go for a good 10 years, and we’re on our second transponder.


Thanks Chris I was sort of swaying towards Bip n go re the yearly charges also I will be paying in Euros, definitely a plus not having my partner hanging out the window trying to reach the machine.

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When I was working here but driving my lorry to the UK I was very grateful to have a high cab with a flat floor so that I could walk across to the other window with ease. :joy:

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Have a look at all the concessionaires’ websites as there are often special offers.

I use ATMB and pay 1.90€ for any month the tag is used plus tolls by UK credit card details held by them.

APRR offer here FULLI tag

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We have always had Ulys badge from vinci.

At the moment there seems to be an offre de bienvenue - 3 mois gratuit.

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They also have an option to cover Spain and Italy - I got that when they had an offer

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Yes, I saw that. It’s probably going to be useful, although we tend not to use the autoroutes in Spain very often.

Thanks all for your input and links I will be on with it this weekend as our next trip is only weeks away.

Side-note: just had an email from SANEF announcing that the A13-A14 Paris-Normandie autoroute is going to be “upgraded” to " autoroute à péage en flux libre" - i.e. they will take out the toll plazas and replace them with an ANPR-based system using cameras on overhead gantries. I think they’ve put a couple of these in already, with the rest coming during 2024.

Same idea as the Dartford Crossing in UK - if you have a tag it will detect it and charge accordingly, if you don;t have one you will have to either sign up for an account on SANEF’s website so that payment can be taken automatically, or else go on the website within 72 hours and pay your bill.

Sounds like a recipe for confusion to me (what happens if there’s thick fog?) but there you go. :smiley:

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Another vote for Bip and go. Their office is just outside Rouen so stopped by, did the paperwork on the spot and left with the tag. Bonus was 1st year free of the charge, not the tolls though :grin:
Sadly that came to nothing because of the covid shut down.

Bip and Go are great, we’ve had their tags for at least ten years (even before they were Bip and Go). We have three tags, all registered for France, Italy and Spain. They work in some carparks as well. They now do a EV charge card as well, I have one but haven’t used it yet.

I’m not too worried about spending the odd minute or so at toll booths but if autoroutes are starting to do the borne free (snigger) thing then I’d need to consider it as we are just starting to travel a bit more. Does anyone know if there are any such things yet?


Well, if you trust the Connexion, there is/was one in 2022: Car plate recognition replacing France’s ‘slow’ motorway toll barriers

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I can confirm that on short stretch of the A79 it’s up and running. You can pay in the laybys or on their website up till 72 hrs later, if you don’t pay they’ll send you a letter with the fine, when you receive the fine if your car hasn’t been registered on their system before they’ll give you another few days to pay the initial tariff IIRC 90cts.

I refer the Honourable Lady to the answer I gave earlier in this thread. :smiley: ( TL;DR - they’ve started with the A13-A14 route).

That’s what kicked off my concern @ChrisMann :smiley: What I wasn’t clear about was whether it had actually happend but was still in the “will happen soon” zone…

Thanks for the clarification about what to do if you’re not signed up @wozza . Are the laybys you mention the ones just after where the bornes normally are?

Both times I waited for the letters, 2 different cars, so got away with just paying the toll.
Here’s the info A79 - Le péage en flux libre