Tom Toms

No not about cats ! I was surprised to find (or not in fact) there was neither a Car nor a Gadget group so it has just left me with the discussion group.

Any advice on which Tom Tom/SatNav to buy. OH has a tablet which moves too fast for his liking and because of his disability, I am the only driver and I know if I downloaded an App that it would disappear from the screen in his hands so don't suggest this option please.

1) I only need it for use in France. I don't and never will in the near future be driving in any other country

2) I would need for it to talk to me in English

Thanks anyone

Yes, all of that. I change the language every now and again just to see if I can get where I am going - conditional on knowing just in case. Might not try Japanese though ;-)

The wrong directions are often where priorities, one way street introductions or removals and such things are fairly recent. It infuriates me when I do a shortest route and I am told to use a longer one though. Speed warnings are a life saver. I often forget I am no longer an 18 year old just past my test and raring to go. It is not exactly using my sixth gear through villages, but between I sometimes get an 'urge'. The new radar traps are designed exactly for people like me and GPS to save me from myself.

Well done! Used with a bit of common sense they are invaluable. If you position it where you can see it you can get some useful forward information as to distance to next turning, direction of turn etc.Audible excess speed warnings are a licence saver for me :-) I very often use it for this even though I know where I'm going.

So Bob is yer uncle! Download "TomTom home" to get a lot of free updates. You can also charge it by plugging into pc with supplied usb lead. Another tip:- look up your home's GPS co-ordinates on the machine to give to anyone (delivery drivers especially) who needs to find your house. Works for me :-)

New battery should last for 1 1/2 hours. The car plug should have a little green light on it if working so just plug it into the car with ignition or aux. on & see if it lights. If it does Bob's yer uncle :-)

buy a garmin ...simple and concise !

I have had a TomTom XL for about 5 years now and it has always been reliable although its maps are rather out of date now so I suppose I should update them which is quite easy linking it to a computer

I'm happy as Larry with my Garmin Nuvi 255W (no doubt obsolete by now). It has full European mapping, and I picked up a "lifetime updates" package from Amazon for £60 or so to, well, keep it up to date. It was described on some websites as "entry level". I really don't know what this means - it takes me from where I am to where I want to go, which is pretty well what you want a satnav to do. Worked a treat during many trips to France. Garmin's a brand well worth considering, in my opinion.

Hi Vic, Sounds like you have the same XL as me - mines a little old now and since it had one of the early touch screens a little difficult to use. But that aside, always satisfied and always gets me where i want to go. The latest ones is Darty are much better now with a fantastically responsive touchscreen (in comparison).

I have just bought the GO6000 which has the largest screen and is very good. I also have LiveDrive (which shows road conditions) for the first time and find it pretty good; also shows lanes at motorway/dual carriageway junctions which I am finding useful given occasional bad signposting in France. Package also has free map updates for as long as it lasts so all I pay for is speed cameras - but this is now a problem in France. I have found that some on motorways no longer show up.

It'll really boil down to how much you want to pay but I can happily recommend the latest TomToms (as long as you understand that no car satnav is absolutely perfect).

look on the halfords website, I would say bye one with a big screen makes viewing and operation that bit easier.

I've had a Tom Tom Xl for about 6 years now & it's always been a good navigator. I have the Europe maps & pay about £40 per year for 4 updates a year. I think other makes have free updates but this suits me as I do find myself in some obscure places at times when "Thomas" has always done the biz:-) Maybe one day I'll buy a car with one built in but in the meantime......

Which is inevitable ;-) It is just like Apple versus Microsoft. For most of us they do the same thing and what is needed, no more or no less.

Much of a muchness now, simply manufacturer competition between them. Most G3 and G4 mobile phones have it too and are just as good, when necessary that is what I use now. As for language, the menus let you change to more less what you want so no problem there.