Tomato house

The framework of my tomato house goes together like tent poles and is then covered with a polythene outer. Trouble is that it tends to come to pieces when the wind blows so I’m looking to permanently join the pole sections together. I can’t weld, so drill and screw comes to mind, jubilee clips or…glue? (I have some two part epoxy). Any thoughts and vocab help- French for self-tapping screw and jubilee clip would be very helpful. And spot weld, if I can enlist the help of the petrol head down the road.

Interesting question.

I wouldn’t use screws, since the places at which they extend out of the poles might come in contact with the plastic sheeting and tear it.

I am a fan of glue…that is to say, I like to put things together with glue. I do it often, to my OH’s derision sometimes.

But, for tent poles, hmmm. It might be counter-productive unless you intend to keep the structure in place year-round. If that’s the case, then perhaps you should consider a whole new approach to your tomato house idea. Anchoring with concrete block at the base, in which you could insert the base of the tent poles, might create more stability.

I’m not sure you’ve provided enough information for suggestions to be as useful as they might be…

Good luck.

We use jubilee clips for things like that, and I would probably put a sheath over the join first. This is what we bought recently, small ones with 8mm strap and similar sized clips to fix thin hoops to concrete uprights for our honeysuckle. We prefer to buy a roll of strapping with separate clips as that way you can cut to the length you need.

Called collier acier and available widely

I would have thought gaffer tape would work as well as anything

As the Lot’s biggest duct tape / gaffer tape user for many years now, I beg to differ. Will last you years in the UK but one hot summer in France and it won’t survive a second summer.

If you’re in Northern France I guess you might get longer.

Concrete anchoring blocks as the other poster suggested, with a Sika colle/mastic that’s resistant to UV on the poles?