Too late to try and sell a UK car in France?


I received the message from the ANTS that I need to pay 2109€ in taxes for registering my 12/2018 Dacia Duster. I am in shock. What with a the visibility challenge when entering the motorway or a small roundabout or me having to do acrobatics at the Toll across the left seat, I am wondering whether I should sell it.

But what about BREXIT and Corona quarantaines etc?

I now live in South France. I am not driving to England even without Corona or BREXIT to sell it.

Would you just pay and keep it given the international context and hassle of movement (ie: is it too late to find people wanting to return to the UK with a British car?)

Thank you.

There’s always a chance still that some folks are returning the UK and might want to buy a UK Regd car (or even part exchange their French car for yours).
You could try the FB buy/sell groups or LBC.


If you get an auto toll thingy all of that disappears.


Does whether a car if LHD or RHD affect the registration cost? I didn’t think there was a difference.

Can’t remember how much it cost is to reregister our car, but we’ve not sold our RHD for the simple fact that cars in France are much more expensive. So you could easily pay out over €2,000 selling your car and buying the exact same LHD and registered one here.

We take extra care on roundabouts and overtaking, and now many motorway tolls are contactless it’s much easier just to have a grabber stick for your bank card.

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That figure seems very high.
The highest taxed model of the Duster - there are at least 40 different models - is a 1.3 petrol model.
In the Charente a newly imported model would be 662 euros.

I think you may have put the wrong information down!

Simulateur du coût du certificat d’immatriculation

Vérifié le 29 juillet 2020 - Direction de l’information légale et administrative (Premier ministre)

La délivrance d’un certificat d’immatriculation (carte grise) est soumise au paiement de taxes et redevance.

Pour réaliser la simulation, il est nécessaire de se munir de la carte grise du véhicule s’il est déjà immatriculé. En cas de demande de duplicata, consulter l’aide associée au champ “date de mise en circulation”.

:warning: Attention : le cas de la transformation en véhicule de tourisme (VT) n’est pas prévu pour le moment dans ce simulateur.
Les champs marqués d’un * sont obligatoires.
Rappel de vos informations
Démarche : Première immatriculation en France d’un véhicule
Importé en France après avoir été immatriculé dans un autre pays
Genre national (J.1) : Véhicule de tourisme (VT) ex-Voiture particulière (VP)
Date de mise en circulation (B) : 18/12/2018
Puissance administrative nationale (P.6) : 8 CV
Energie (P.3) : Essence (ES)
Carrosserie handicap / Carte d’invalidité ? : Non
Réception communautaire ? : Oui
Taux d’émission de CO2 (V.7) : 132,000 g/km
Département : Charente
Coût du certificat d’immatriculation
Y1 - Taxe régionale : 328,00 €
Y1 bis - Taxe additionnelle voitures de forte puissance : 0,00 €
Y2 - Taxe formation professionnelle : 0,00 €
Y3 - Taxe additionnelle voitures de tourisme : 0,00 €
Y3 - Malus CO2 voitures de tourisme : 328,00 €
Y4 - Taxe de gestion : 4,00 €
Y5 - Redevance d’acheminement : 2,76 €
Y6 - Taxes à payer : 662,76 €


Yes indeed I had decided there must be a mistake. So I did the online simulator calculation and it gives +_ same number, give or take 100€. Taxes depend on the department you live in also. I asked other people and they paid 1300€ 5 years ago so maybe that s indeed the normal rate.

It Is a big sum of money but like people have said here, selling it and buying a french car would mean losing a lot more money so I will just keep it…

Thank you every body.

I do this often. Can you let me see your V5c? There is no way that the difference between departments would make such a huge difference.
Someone has made an error - big time!


Hi Mark, I will send it to you via private messaging, hoping I can find how to do it, the last two times I tried sending one, it got published as a post!

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All he needs is make, model, engine size, fuel and date of first registration (and your department). The PF can easily be found online, or on your CoC maybe

I had just the same experience. How is it done correctly?

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It’s done like this - click on Mark’s avatar (mug shot) which shows you this:

Then click on image
Job done!


Thanks Graham. I did that. I hope it worked

By the way, is it right that Revolting charge more [if you are subject to charges] and give a lower FX rate at weekends? I paid £2.53 or so in th week for £1k FX and got Interbank but yesterday they wanted £5-somthing and on 1.09€

Yes 'fraid so. Best doing exchange M-F has been that way since change in T&Cs August 2020.
See here

PM did work. Thanks. Yes - the leeetle grey cells twigged just in time what the game was before I hit the ‘GO’ button.

Some Revolting person still has £100 of mine … :frowning_face:

There is a garage run by brits in the south of France, it’s a family garage, I used to work with them when I worked for the French auto trader. Auto marche …
One of the sons is named Simon. They also advertise on riviera radio .
They may be able to advise you the best option
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Did you go to your local Hotel d’Impots with your paperwork from when you bought the car in the UK? We did, and they confirmed we had paid all UK taxes on the car when new in the UK, so there were no additional French taxes to pay. We then did the immatriculation forms and paid a fee to register the car in France. This was a few years ago, but we did it with our Peugeot Partner and then with our MGB. I am planning on getting my Peugeot 108 over here soon from our flat in the UK so will study the on-line system this time as it didn’t exist then.

You still need the quittus fiscal which is free from the tax office. But there is a new charge which didn’t exist a few years ago, and relates to the pollution output of your car.

Well I paid it after writing many messages and them answering the same thing by mail and on the phone. So it is done and dusted…they explained that my new Dacia Duster pollutes a lot which I find shocking, aren’t new popular models supposed to not pollute a lot? This is a very popular car, petrol, not a massive diesel thing from 1989…I think they introduced a tax to compensate the loss of money with the vanishing taxe d’habitation.

The extra cost is due to the malus (pollution) tax which is imposed on newer cars on first registration in France. It uses the Co2 figure & applies when the figure is 138g/km & climbs from there. If it was less than a year old the figure starts at 50 euros at 138 & increases by 25 euros per g/km. The amount does reduce by 10% per annum but vehicles over 10 years old do not pay any malus.
The tax is designed to persuade both manufacturers & buyers to make & use less polluting vehicles & as this is a new concept it is not meant to punish those who cannot afford to buy new cars, thus the apparent anomily of older, more polluting vehicles being exempt.

A Toll Tablet (available from a company in Harrogate but they can only post to a British address as the payment is deducted directly from your own British bank account.
It’s not expensive but worth every penny not having to get out of the car, cross over, pay and then cross over again to drive off. Ugh!