Toques et Clochers 2013

I'm not putting this up as a formal event as it is not me that is organising it.

Toques et Clochers 2013 is planned by the Sieurs d'Arques to be held 23rd March 2013. So what is Toques et Clochers?

Well it's a big food and wine festival held in the villages surrounding Limoux in the Aude (11). This year the villages of Gardie and Villebazy are jointly staging the event. The Sieurs d'Arques, who produce the wines of the Limoux area, invite a host of chefs and combine this with wine tastings of the local blanquettes et chardonnays among others. Throw in a handful of live bands, the local bandas (Oompah type bands) and various street acts and you have one of the biggest, annual street parties in the region.

The money raised is then used to repair the bell tower and steeple of the local church (or in this case, churches). Hence Toques for the food & wine and clochers for the bell towers.

It's all good fun starting from about 10ish on the Saturday and quite often goes on until the early hours of Sunday morning. Parking is organised in Limoux from where free busses whisk you off to the local village where the event is being held.

Here is a short video of the 2011 event.

I've been attending now since 2006 and have seen it grow from a few thousand people to upwards of sixty thousand over the course of the day.

Anyway, I'll be there from about 10am until about 11pm and it would be nice to bump into other SFNers, purely on an informal basis. As I say, I'm not organising anything formal, but if you intend to go, we can leave messages for each other on here as to likely bumping into each other points around the villages.

Oh no. Never mind, next year.

Nico, what a shame - it's the weekend before we get back for Easter - it sounds like good fun though and I'll put it in the calendar for 2014!