Toques et Clochers

Is anyone planning to go to Toque et Clochers at Notre dame de Marceille in Limoux this year?

Thanks for info. Love to try to meet up. I don’t really know Limoux well (we’re from accross the border in Ariege) but if you suggest venue / time we’ll try to be there

Yes, last time it was in Limoux the busses ran from the car park near the school. In luck this year as it’s about 100m from my mates house where we are staying. Give me a shout if you like and well have a drunken chat face down in a vineyard

oh yes!

went 2 years ago and was quite literally blown away by the experience (at least that’s my excuse for ending up face down in a field of vines).

Probably go on the Sunday as doing sth else on Saturday.

When we went before we were bussed (is that a real word?) up to the unfortunate village in question - do you know what the arrangements are this year as its in Limoux itself?