Can anyone give advice on how to repair areas where holes have appeared in the walls and also on how to repair the plaster like coating above the watlle and daub type material?

it sounds as though you have a stone building , holes appear for different reasons if they are thick walls i’e 2-3ft thick then check your roof for leaks , the water may be washing away the morter iside the wall , you may have bats they burrow into soft morter …

Happy to advise, when I’ve seen some photos :slight_smile:

Kind regards


Thanks Bryan - will have a look round

Not at the moment but will be there for the Easter hols (only 10 days to go yippee) so will take some pics then. One wall has a large patch which looks as tho the plaster has blown and on the outbuildings there are some areas where there are holes in the walls. Am not very knowledgable about such things but willing to learn,.

Hi Elizabeth,

Do you have any photos of the area to be repaired? It may be that you should be using a lime based plaster/render, easily available also. It allows the materials to breath and not trap moisture readily.


in brico depot you can buy ready mixed crepe mix which is like a covering plaster it can be spead,painted or trowled on depending how you need it i have used a few times and it works ok,its a bit like a ready mix polyfilla but better