Can anyone explain what Torrent actually does? I joined a TV club which said I could download a TV series episode I’m missing (I recorded the others from Sky but my digibox screwed up so I lost one and I don’t want to miss the episode). Anyway I joined this TV club then downloaded Torrent software, found the file I needed and downloaded it.

It’s now showing in my Explorer folder but won’t show up in Media Centre. I’ve tried saying ‘Open With’ Media Centre but it just opens Media Centre but doesn’t show the file. Am I doing something wrong?

Should I stick to buying DVD sets off Amazon?!?

great thanks, its series 4 though I think. The last episode is OnThe Road Again, I have that. Its lights out I’m missing. Cheers!

by the last one do you mean the last one in the series,if so it seems to be called lights out alright,I have never watched the show so I dont know.
I have access to series 5 currently episode 15 it seems.
Ill have a dig around and see if I can find you a working copy once ive finished my wallpapering :slight_smile:

If I get hold of it Ill message you in a couple of hours time


series 4 and its the episode just before the last one. I think it was called Lights Out. Do you have it?

What series and what episode of brothers and sisters?

I told my hubbie what I’d downloaded when he came back from Dublin, he wasn’t impressed! He’s run the full anti-virus scan & I’m going to just have to live with missing out on that one episode of Brothers & Sisters.

I’m annoyed that the service I paid for was basically a link to utorrent and not in fact access to the film/episode I wanted though. You still had to search online for the files so what value did they add other than give me some software I could have downloaded directly for free if I’d wanted just the software. What a con!

Anyway I’ve contacted my credit card company & told them it wasn’t what I expected. We’ll see if the dispute is accepted or whether it doesn’t apply to software services online.



When I finished my earlier reply a click for the John Harris video. Very VERY interesting. Has aspects that relate to my own personal problems.

I would like to talk at length with you about Internet privacy and the rights of the human being (not person as per the video!). Perhaps we could chat if you have skype??

Anyway, thanks again for the links - very interesting…

Good night


Thanks Bob,

Am reading now, very interesting! I was aware of the purpose of your warning but my obnoxious side took the better of me… :wink: Oh do I hate the hypocrite bastards who govern us and their ridiculous laws.

You’re obviously more than enough aware of the threats to ‘our’ internet so you may want to skip the first two blocks of links I mentioned, but please have a look at the last three, truly amazing matter.

Will get back to you on the methods of monitoring and what we may do to protect ourselves.

Wishing you good night,


thanks for the long list of references. I may of come across wrong in my comment. Might be worth you taking a look at what I have said in the past about HADOPI and related laws…

Look for the section marked “Anti Piracy laws - Hadopi and more…”

I made my comment to ensure people were aware of how the French are dealing with piracy. The laws as I currently understand them (not had chance to look at your links yet) are difficult to interpret. The penalties are clear but not how the French Government will decide what act of ‘piracy’ or ‘copyright theft’ you have committed. How are they going to tell what you have downloaded?

I know from my contacts at ReadWriteWeb and other sources that the French Government had been in talks with the chinese government over how to monitor the web (deep pack inspection)

Again, I am not a prude of this subject, I have used Bit Torrent to download operating systems (Linux which is free and has a special GPL licence for use) and for copyrighted material.

As I said, I wanted people to be aware that the French Government is watching so be careful of what you download!


Dear Bob,

If we would live our lifes exactly doing what the laws tell us we couldn’t eat nor drink and going to the toilet would also be quite risky from a legal point of view.

“Torrent’ers”? The fact that I sometimes use a peer to peer program like eMule or MicroTorrent doesn’t make me a “Torrent’er” nor a “law breaker”. One may kill someone while driving a car but that doesn’t make all “car drivers” into criminals. Then many legitimate downloads or uploads are done with the help of torrents or other P2P protocols. For instance many open source programs and even complete operating systems are distributed this way (Linux, BSD, etc.)

Besides, all those disgusting laws invented and forced upon us by the filthy rich in order to enrich themselves even more over our sore backs should and will be fought by more civil disobedience of the public and smarter countermeasures by the developers.

May I advice you and ALL internet users to join forces and protect a free internet lest soon there won’t be anything left to fight for. Please inform yourselves. Here a handful of articles about what’s going on;



And here for Bob who still believes in the law some surprises;


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Hi all,

Can I make you torrent’ers aware that with the new HADOPI Internet laws you are all law breakers? Downloading copyright material such as films etc is illegal and will eventually get you disconnected from the Internet. You will be given 3 warnings then you will be disconnected, not sure for how long, could be permanent.

Still want to download??


Hello Suzanne,

“what Torrent actually does?” Well how to use it has been answered and I can also recommend uTorrent (or microTorrent - µTorrent) and what the protocol actually does you can find here:

About BitTorrent

I use uutorrent daily and have had no problems with it.
You will once You install the software have to leech (download) the file you require.Wether or not anybody is seeding the file making it available for you to leech is a major factor with torrents.The more seeders the nore chance you have of getting a quick and full download.Dont be surprised if you get to 98% and the people who were seeding log off and you have to wait again for someone to log on so you can finish downloading the file.
Once you have downloaded some of the file you will more than likely start uploading to other leechers,this is how the system works.
If you have a HD tv and are going to go down the road of downloading avi’s i would recommend something like this little box we have one and it upscales the video and audio source and plays avi’s straight off a usb stick.
If you tell me the show and episode I might be able to get it for you.

Here is a page that describes all about Bittorrent - Bittorrent
There are literally dozens of clients that will let you download files, if you are using Windows, then utorrent is as good as any.
I agree with Steve that file extension looks wrong for a torrent file and should be .torrent, but looks about the right size for a torrent file.

I would install the utorrent client, and see if it can load the file you downloaded. You don’t have to start the download of the file until you are ready.

Word of caution here though, I use bittorrent daily for perfectly legitimate work, to grab Linux distribution files, which are massive, however it is used for a whole host of other purposes, and unfortunately with Windows you have to be very careful.

  1. Be absolutely happy with the site you are getting the torrent file from
  2. Make sure your anti-virus is upto date, and do a scan on the file once you have downloaded it.
  3. If you try to play the downloaded file, and it prompts you to try and install anything - decline it immediately.

Having said all that, you can safely use bittorrent to grab a lot of information from the cloud, perfectly safely, it is a fantastic way to share very large files efficiently.

Hope that helps.


Strange, .avi is a video file but 15kb wouldn’t even be one second of playback. Let us know how the retry goes.

Hi Steve
The file ends in .avi and its 15kb which now I look at it is obviously far too small then for an hours program. I’ll try again!

What you’ve probably downloaded (if it was a small file) was the file that is used to activate the actual download of the video file you want through specific Torrent downloading software. It’s probably a file that ends in .torrent

I’m not a Windows user so not sure of the best choice of software for the actual download - hopefully someone will come on shortly with a suggestion.