Tortoise shell female kitten looking for home

I'm fostering kittens for the SPA and this little girl is waiting for her new family. She's probably just under three months old, has had her first vaccinations and is in excellent health. She likes other cats and would be best in a big house or with a garden because she is full of beans!

But when she gets done playing she settles with a huge purr for a good cuddle. Adoption to be organized with an SPA contract which includes sterilization. Please contact me for more information.![](upload://1eWIQUhkYXkTZhI631PmE0I2b4r.jpg)

Lynn, it is such a pleasure to talk with you. I have three black cats of my own, and consider myself excessively lucky.

That is really strange Melissa, I have found that the french love these tortie cats but are still quite superstitious of black cats!

In any case, as you know, a cat will behave in a 'mauvais' manner if it is treated as such, and the opposite is true too, they are quite fickle creatures who'll stay if given love, attention and food, but then, that isn't a bad philosophy to have!

Best of luck

Thanks for your note Lynn,

I laughed because I DO call her "Monkey" (Monkey-Love, Baby Monkey, Monkey Face, etc.). She is already micro-chipped, with the SPA registered as her owner. The adoption fees for females are 125€ - which pays for the first two vaccinations, chip and sterliziation at a reduced rate.

Miss Monkey is already on Leboncoin, and I'll check out the other sites too, thanks for the tip. Her cohorts are finding homes quickly, but it seems many French think tortoise shells have "mauvaise charactere."

Gimme a break!

Hi Melissa,

Very best of luck, she looks adorable. can you confirm that she will have microchip too?

Also, where abouts are you, what are the adoption fees?

She looks such a cheeky little monkey, I'm sure she won't stay long! With the microchip number, you can advertise on the french sites too, such as Vivastreet or Leboncoin and even Ebay petites annonces.